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Smile Gallery



Lumineers placed to recontour patient's smile (our patient)

"This is the only dentist office I ever enjoyed coming to. The staff makes me feel welcome and is a blast to talk to and joke with. Since I have had my Lumineers, I feel self confident and I am no longer ashamed to smile. My teeth were chipped and cracked and I thought I would lose them. But now my teeth are strong and I am proud to smile because I know they never looked better than they do today! Thank you Dr. Palm and staff."

P.S. Donna, thank you for helping me make this decision!!





Lumineers placed to recontour patient's smile (our patient)

"I am so pleased with the results! I love my smile and it was well worth the investment. Dr. Palm and his staff are absolutely wonderful people."



Patient had spaces in between their teeth and chips on the incisal edges. Veeners were placed to close the spacing and to recontour and brighten their smile (our patient)



Patient has worn their anterior teeth from bruxism (clenching and grinding). The teeth were lengthened using a composite (our patient)

Bonding/Chipped Teeth

Composite fillings used to restore chipped anterior teeth and restore the patient's smile line (our patient)

Dental Implants


Patient had a single anterior implant to restore a missing tooth (our patient)



Removal of all upper teeth and placement of upper denture and lower partial denture to restore full dentition (our patient)

Crown and Bridge

Replaced a discolored tooth and restored with a porcelain crown (our patient)



Replaced two misaligned teeth with old restorations and aligned them in their correct position, eliminating the restorations using porcelain crowns (our patient). 


Patient fractured his tooth when he was young. We replaced the the restoration with a porcelain crown (our patient).                                                   


Provisional Partial

Provisional (temporary) upper partial denture used before and during restoration of congenitally missing lateral incisors (our patient)