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Comprehensive Dental Care for Seniors Near Burlington, Vermont

As people grow older, their dental needs evolve, requiring a nuanced approach that accounts for how bodies, and especially the mouth, change with age. One of the biggest oral concerns for older adults is gum disease. The CDC has found that 70.1% of adults 65 years and older have periodontal disease. Tooth loss, often linked with periodontal disease, is also a major issue for senior dental patients, with a 2019 study finding that 26% of adults aged 65 or older have 8 or fewer teeth.

In our dental office near Burlington our prosthodontist is devoted to addressing these unique needs, specializing in dental care for senior patients. With a speciality in replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function, our prosthodontist is uniquely equipped to offer comprehensive dental care for Burlington’s geriatric dental patients. Our prosthodontist is a dentist with additional years of training and expertise in restoring oral function and geriatric dentistry. The approach at Colchester Dental Group is defined by a blend of top-tier dental solutions, cutting-edge technology, and a genuine understanding of our patients’ needs.

Specialized Services for for Senior Dental Patients

We are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of dental services, thoughtfully curated with Burlington’s senior community in mind:

  1. Thorough Yet Gentle Cleanings and Check-ups: Recognizing the importance of regular dental visits, especially for seniors, we ensure a comfortable and gentle experience, even for those with dental sensitivities or apprehensions. The dental practice also offers more regular dental cleanings, recognizing the importance in maintaining periodontic health in seniors due to higher incidences of gum disease.
  2. Prosthodontics and Dental Implant Solutions: Our in-house prosthodontist specializes in dental implants for seniors, providing solutions that are not just about filling gaps but restoring the full function and aesthetics of natural teeth.
  3. Attentive Denture Care: Whether it’s your first time considering dentures or you need adjustments to your current set, our team is adept in ensuring comfortable fitting dentures and offering the maintenance your dentures need.
  4. Proactive Gum Disease Management: We emphasize the prevention and careful management of gum disease, aiming to preserve your natural teeth and ensure your oral health is in its best state. For those who are developing gum disease, the dentists in our dental practice near Burlington offer scaling and root planing (also known as deep dental cleanings).
  5. Restorative Dentistry: Our restorative dental services, including fillings, crowns, and bridges, are tailored to improve both the functionality and appearance of your teeth, employing materials that are durable and blend seamlessly with your natural smile.
  6. Ensuring Comfort and Ease: Understanding the concerns about mobility and comfort that seniors have, our dental office is designed to be fully accessible, including wheelchair access to the parking lot, building, and bathrooms.

At Colchester Dental Group, we believe in a dental practice that caters specifically to the dental needs of Burlington’s seniors. If you are looking for a dentist that specializes in dental care for seniors and the specific challenges they face, we welcome you to book an appointment with one of our dentists.

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